Tell Dan- Employee Feedback App

What is it?

Tell Dan is our app to allow employees of any organisation to feedback in the fastest most effective manner.

What Type of information?

We want to hear all ideas, thoughts, feelings, suggestions, witnessed events, heard events, in fact anything employees want to say.

How does the app work?

  1. Dictate/Type the information you want to feedback
  2. Send location to speed up the reporting process
  3. Add a photo to speed up reporting process
  4. Send by clicking the send button

What Happens to the information?

All the submitted information goes to our Soft Intelligence Data Team (SID), which Dan leads, who break down the information into anonymised stats helping the provider organisation understand where focus is needed.

Why Use Feedback Apps

  • Easy to report: Only free text reporting so reporters can say what they want and as much or as little. No set questions
  • Fast to report: The apps are the speediest reporting tool possible, linking with mobile technology to allow dictation and photos (A photo paints 1,000 words!)
  • Interactive: There is two way messaging via the apps to ensure all the information needed is captured. We ensure all interaction is friendly and clear, making sure it is an entirely positive experience.


Feedback Processed

The Soft Intelligence Data Centre ensures all information is confidential and private. Allowing people to interact as often and as freely as possible.
The information is processed and forwarded to the relevant organisations

Relevant Organisations

Customise TellDan for your own company

It is important to create a safe, friendly and speedy feedback environment to promote the highest reporting levels from staff. This means:

  • All information is strictly confidential
  • There is only positivity and friendliness attached to reporting
  • It is easy to feedback
  • There are updates to what is happening as a result of reporting

It is very difficult to guarantee this in any organisation. By ensuring your staff know “Soft Intelligence Data Centre” and above all Dan and his team are always breaking down and anonymising all the information will promote the highest feedback levels. The moment feedback becomes an in house operation it becomes entwined in the political environment which exists in your organisation. Of course if this hasn’t convinced you, feel free to customise Tell Dan, it is certainly something we can do.

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