We are the world leaders in gathering and processing human emotional feedback (otherwise known as soft intelligence).

We are independent to all the organisations we work with, which means that the data submitted to us is always loved and cared for. All submitters of information are always followed up with if required and all conversations are in only a positive manner, making any feedback loop at best a joy, in some cases a necessary outlet for frustration, but in all cases a value adding exercise raising awareness of what needs attention.

All the data from questionnaires is processed by our overly qualified team of specialists and converted into meaningful anonymised data. The data from the questionnaires is presented to our customers as and when required meaning our customers are fully equipped to deliver incredible services all of the time.

Soft Intelligence Questionnaires have 4 main foundations:

  • Minimum time to completion – We hate filing in questionnaires and this is reflected in how we organise our own, we only create questionnaires we could stomach ourselves.
  • 100% Confidentiality – we are independent and we love the submitters of information more than the companies who pay us FACT
  • Dig Dig Dig – we believe there is always more to it and we are never satisfied until the full story has been learnt
  • Tell tell tell – we also like to let submitters of information what has happened to their data so they know what has happened and how valuable their contribution always is

Why Use Questionnaires

  • Fast Results
  • Snap shot data
  • Low cost

How it works

  • Plan Questionnaire
  • Build Questionnaire
  • Distribute Questionnaire
  • Collate Results
  • Send Reports
Staff feedback

Why Use Soft Intelligence Questionnaires

Questionnaires are a great tool to get a snap shot of mood at a certain point in time, and start the journey of better understanding the target audience. Questionnaires are an invaluable kit of the Soft Intelligence portfolio of tools to convert human emotional feedback (soft intelligence) into statistical data for companies to act on.

Customers who work closely with us have seen questionnaire return rates slightly over 40%, to put this in perspective generally questionnaires are not well completed with on average a 4% completion rate.

Our general advice around questionnaires and feedback is that using a third party is the only way to ensure quality data. Imagine a company asking a customer or staff member how well things are going, it isn’t too far fetched that the customer or staff member may say what they imagine is wanted to be heard, which may produce less true answers, what do you think? This is in fact the main reason why a company should never do the activity of questionnaires internally to staff or externally to customers.

Another reason for using Soft Intelligence questionnaires instead of producing questionnaires internally is that bolting on roles to staff within a company to configure a questionnaire and send and chase and collate data, adds extra work which would be done slower and less effectively than a dedicated team.

There are of course more reasons but this could develop into a rather large block of text, if it hasn’t already!

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