Customer feedback

What is it?

Tell Sid is our customer engagement app. It not only allows customers to submit information quickly but it also opens up the ability for the organisation to raise awareness of changes and also send snap polls to gauge climate.

How does it work?

Our Customer engagement tool has 4 primary functions:

  1. Allow customers to submit information whenever and wherever they want
  2. Build dialogue with customers to understand them better
  3. Send push notifications to customers to build awareness of what you need them to know
  4. Send Snap Polls to customers

We have a permanent engagement team ensuring all items are processed as soon as they are received

Submitting information

  1. Dictate/Type the information you want to feedback
  2. Send location to speed up the reporting process
  3. Add a photo to speed up reporting process
  4. Send by clicking the send button

Build Dialogue

  1. The team sends a message to the submitter of information
  2. An alert appears on the mobile device
  3. The submitter clicks alert and responds as required

Send Push Notifications

  1. The team sends a global message to all users of the app
  2. An notification appears on the mobile device
  3. The receiver clicks notification and acts as required

Send Snap Polls

  1. The team sends a global question to all users of the app
  2. An alert appears on the mobile device
  3. The receiver clicks alert and answers the question

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What Happens to the information?

All the submitted information goes to our Soft intelligence Data Team(SID) who break down the information into anonymised stats helping the provider organisation understand where focus is needed.

Staff Feedback

Our Customer Engagement App Service Features:

  • Stock App Design

    Get the Tell SID features and functionality

  • App Customisation

    Our stock apps can be personalised and can be turned around in 2 weeks

  • App Maintenance

    We have a dedicated team to ensure smooth running of all our apps

  • Promotional Material

    All our products are backed up with template material for you to use as and when you want

  • Promotional Video

    We encourage videos as a great way of promoting new services and we have stock videos which can be customised

  • Information Access

    We provide access to an online portal to allow access to submitted information. We can also configure email alerts.

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