The world needs a safe place to give constant feedback.

Tell Sid is that place.

Feedback into Tell Sid and we translate all that feedback information into amazing data which can help shape the future for us all. We look for feedback on everything and anything that which needs attention in this world. No matter whether it is something great or bad, we want to hear it.

Customer feedback

What is TellSid

TellSid is our feedback app for everyone to use. It not only allows everyone to offload frustration but also encourages praise too! Through the app we can follow up with questions and get to the real root of all the information and build great data for organisations to improve themselves.

How does it work?

  1. Anyone can send any information 24/7, 365 days of the year.
  2. The SID team builds dialogue to understand the real issues.
  3. The team will send push notifications to build awareness when necessary
  4. Snap polls can be issued if warranted

We have a permanent engagement team ensuring all items are processed as soon as they are received

Submitting information

  1. Dictate/Type the information you want to feedback
  2. Send location to speed up the reporting process
  3. Add a photo to speed up reporting process
  4. Send by clicking the send button

What Happens to the information?

All the submitted information goes to our Soft intelligence Data Team(SID) who break down the information into anonymised stats helping the provider organisation understand where focus is needed.

Staff Feedback

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