At Soft Intelligence Data Centre we have two main products;

Live feedback apps – Apps given to customer/staff for 24/7 feedback when they want
Questionnaires – Questionnaires delivered via app/email so customers/staff can complete

We take care of everything so you can sit back and look forward to the reports

New Live Feedback Apps

Feedback apps are perfect to capture Staff and Customer thoughts, feelings, observations and ideas. In addition feedback apps can be used to ask questions, gauge mood and send service information

We create and deploy your apps. We have stock apps (Tell Dan – Staff, Tell Sid – Customers) ready to go, or feel free to customize your own.

Users feedback 24/7 as and when occurs
Open ended free text, 5 seconds to complete
We gather, process and report the data back to you


  • Easy to report: Only free text reporting so reporters can say what they want and as much or as little. No set questions
  • Fast to report: The apps are the speediest reporting tool possible, linking with mobile technology to allow dictation and photos (A photo paints 1,000 words!)
  • Interactive: There is two way messaging via the apps to ensure all the information needed is captured. We ensure all interaction is friendly and clear, making sure it is an entirely positive experience.
  • Great Marketing tool

From £0.10 /target audience/month


Questionnaires are great for understanding a particular area of business more clearly and building very quick evidence as to where things are at that point in time.

You define the Topic and questions and we implement, gather, process and report back to you.


  • Evaluate severity of issues
  • Fast turnaround
  • Minimal cost

From £20/ survey unlimited responses

Why use us:

  • Lower Costs: The costs are lower than any in-house service
  • High Data Validity: Respondents trust us and answer truthfully
  • High Data Quality: We have a trained team and advanced systems ensuring data is processed consistently and accurately.
  • Fast Delivery Time: The turn around times of all our services are minimal as we have everything ready to go
  • Friendly: We are a very friendly service
  • Experienced: We have broken down feedback within organisations with up to 10,000 staff.
  • Reporting positive: We understand the importance of recording information and we have no judgement on the information sent to us, in fact we love all of it!
  • Confidential: We ensure all data is anonymised before reporting back to organisations, ensuring total reporter confidence. In addition we ensure all our systems and processes are data protection compliant ensuring companies can rest assured when we process their data.
  • Positive experience: Our main importance is creating a friendly reporting service.