At Soft Intelligence Data Centre we have created feedback apps which are great tools to sit permanently with customers and allow them to say what they want when they want 24/7.

Feedback apps are great for understanding anything that may need focus on a very broad scale within your organisation, they also act as a very powerful marketing tool.

Why Use Feedback Apps

  • Great Marketing tool: A physical demonstration of your commitment to listening to staff and customers
  • Easy to report: Only free text reporting so reporters can say what they want and as much or as little. No set questions
  • Fast to report: The apps are the speediest reporting tool possible, linking with mobile technology to allow dictation and photos (A photo paints 1,000 words!)
  • Interactive: There is two way messaging via the apps to ensure all the information needed is captured. We ensure all interaction is friendly and clear, making sure it is an entirely positive experience.

We produce two stock feedback apps:

Tell Dan – For Staff Feedback – Click here to have a look
Tell Sid – For Customer Feedback – Click here to have a look

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