Will Your Employees Find a Feedback App Useful?

February 5, 2018

Sometimes it can be heard to gauge what your employees think about their job without out-and-out asking them. Most of your employees are probably content with their job, besides minor problems that don’t affect their morale, but there’ll always be an employee or two who manages to bring the rest of the team down, either by accident or on purpose due to some grudge or frustration that they may feel.

Among a ton of other management speak terms, Employee Engagement is frequently misused or misunderstood. While some companies make genuine efforts to inspire their employees and make their workplace a nice place to be, the frequent insincerity of higher-ups and dehumanising of employees in large corporations leads to engagement methods falling flat. A large part of this is that these higher-ups usually don’t know what their employees actually want, for a number of reasons.

Whether it’s because the managers never ask, or there’s a ‘culture of fear’ that prevents open discourse on issues employees are dealing with, this lack of communication is what breaks sincere attempts at employee engagement.

Frequently, the problem is that employees don’t have the time or the inclination to report minor issues that may be affecting their attitude towards their job and the company, which only accumulates over time. This is where a lot of the ‘bad apples’ come from, feeling disgruntled with their employers as their views are unheard or ignored.

A quick way of dealing with this problem before it affects your employees is by asking for feedback, with one of the new methods being the feedback app. Employees can download the app onto their phone and write a quick piece of negative or positive feedback, or a simple suggestion that would make life easier. This avoids the confrontational aspect of delivering negative feedback face-to-face and allows for anonymous feedback, without fear of punishment by higher-ups.

At Soft Intelligence, we’re passionate about gathering staff feedback and ‘soft intelligence’ from your clients and customers, transforming it into straightforward and accurate data that turns the hassle of feedback processing into a breeze. Take a look at our feedback services and see if your company would benefit from them.

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