What is Soft Intelligence?

September 18, 2017

Soft Intelligence, as a term, is something that always generates a certain amount of interest, and it is usually the fact that it sounds like some kind of secret entity that would reveal the most underlying secrets of an organisation. Which in truth isn’t too far from reality. Soft Intelligence by definition is any human emotional feedback which can be used for the benefit of an organisation and/or individual. Human emotional feedback would consist of but not be limited to; thoughts, feelings, observations, ideas, suggestions.

Soft Intelligence is, if we listen to any large corporation, exactly what is needed to ensure continued growth and development, you will have heard the terms “our staff are key to the continued success…”. But as much as it is important, how good are we at capturing it and making it useful? I mean in everyday life how much soft intelligence is waiting to be captured and gets missed and never capitalised?

Take the following example I was asked by a colleague recently, “How are you today?” I answered; “Fine thanks”. I had numerous deadlines, which had been scuppered by various problems and issues which I had to juggle to meet the deadlines I was set. So why did I say I was fine? I guess it is a human characteristic to answer this broadly. I mean, I was fine in terms of my health and general well-being but if I had answered honestly, perhaps my colleague would have regretted the polite enquiry.
My point is, invariably to each other we present a well-composed exterior whilst inside we might have a very different view, but the inside stuff is the precisely the information we need to start understanding.

So what stopped my full unburdening of information in the corridor? Well for a start I am certain there was little to no interest in each individual problem I was having, also who wants to appear some kind of whinging whiny work colleague?

So how would I start helping my company improve and get this soft intelligence being put to good use? I mean if you learnt the root of each of my problems you’d have had a fair list of issues to resolve which would lead to increased performance and productivity, that would be useful information for the company right? To start me feeding back what problems I have on a daily basis would have to be 100% anonymous, I certainly don’t want colleagues thinking I am precious, the system would have to be quick, I don’t want hours knocked off my work day, and there’d have to be someone letting me know what I was doing was going to be put to good use, hang on I am describing our engagement/feedback apps! Maybe we have crafted something fantastic after all, sadly it now depends on companies realising it, hence my lovely blog.

At Soft Intelligence we are entirely dedicated to facilitating the gathering of Soft Intelligence and the production of actionable data so companies can make changes that will have entirely positive effects on the organisation.

Perhaps, if I had recorded my issues via the Soft Intelligence Feedback/Engagement apps previously then when my colleague had asked me how I was, “Fine” the response could have been “Excellent”.

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