How To Effectively use Testimonials

January 15, 2018

Getting a positive testimonial from a customer or client is a great feeling: knowing that your services have benefitted someone enough for them to give praise indicates that someone or something about your business is working, and working well.

Unfortunately, workable testimonials tend to be difficult to get. Most customers aren’t interested in giving testimonials, and when they do, it can be difficult for them to summarise what made your services good. Some resort with a verbose but largely empty paragraph that reads more like half-hearted marketing spiel than a genuine piece of feedback.

Sometimes, it’s the fault of the company that testimonials can be so pointless. Some companies insist on recklessly editing a perfectly suitable testimonial to make it more positive, or scrubbing out anything negative, or just removing key parts. While there are valid reasons to edit a testimonial, the best approach is a ‘warts and all’ approach that allows the writer to express what they honestly felt. Testimonials that look edited or fabricated tend not to inspire confidence in people viewing the testimonials, so try to keep it as ‘real’ as possible.

One of the best ways to get a good testimonial is to provide the writer with some direction, such as questions like ‘why did you choose our product/service’ or ‘what is the best feature/aspect of our product/service’, rather than a vague ‘please provide feedback’. Asking your clients for feedback at the right time is essential: If your services take some time before they do their job, ask after the results come in.

There are also some ways to listen in and intercept potential testimonials from social media users: while testimonials from Twitter are going to be short, they’re also quick and easy to read, and can be incorporated into your website as a slider. Users from Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and any other social media site your company may be interested in can also be used and integrated into your website.

As a business owner, you’re probably sick to death of trying to get testimonials out of customers, but nobody can deny the value of the praise of an impartial party. At Soft Intelligence, we’re passionate about gathering customer feedback and ‘soft intelligence’ from your clients and customers, transforming it into straightforward and accurate data that turns the hassle of feedback processing into a breeze. Take a look at our consumer mobile apps and see if your company would benefit from them.

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