What Defines Good and Bad Customer Service?

May 24, 2017

When it comes to good customer service, what makes good customer service good varies between differing participants – those on the company side value quick and easy customer service, sometimes to the point where they rush the whole thing and create a bigger problem. On the other end of the scale, a lot of customers can deal with non-urgent customer service requests so long as it’s eventually dealt with, but time taken is still an important factor.

Customer service usually doesn’t involve face-to-face conversations anymore and the decades-old method of ringing the company up is starting to get less popular as text-based alternatives or live chat replaces it. Both of these older methods are played out in real-time, which can lead to slip ups, delays and mistakes as customer support staff are pressured into offering a quick solution just to get them out of the call. Needless to say, this won’t work for long and negative feedback about the poor quality of your staff will build.

Why is this the case? Perhaps your support staff are handling too many requests and complaints by themselves, limiting the amount of time they can spend on each. Perhaps they’re stressed out. Perhaps they’re prioritising certain work before others, which can lead to customer requests and complaints getting shuffled down the priority list. Either way, a quick but unhelpful response doesn’t resolve anything and tends to make your customer lose faith in your company.

So poor customer service does harm to your company reputation, and can incur legal cases at the worst. However, good customer service tends to help with the perception of your company and ensures further success, as prospective customers can see that you take existing clients seriously.

So what makes good customer service? I’ve already discussed response time earlier, but acknowledging the complaint as quickly as possible is usually a good sign to a customer. If they’re particularly valuable customers, make sure your staff know. Above all, treat every customer service issue seriously. It’s only going to reflect badly on you if you forget to acknowledge customer service queries or let them fall by the wayside.

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