Common Misconceptions Linked To Employee Feedback

March 21, 2017

Research says employee feedback is valuable info which can be used to inform the most important decisions of an organisation. Companies can make their best performance even better by using the info taken from feedback. It is true that feedback is an essential utility for highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the group or individual facets of any organisation.

Feedback apps make it possible for people to send and receive high-quality feedback in real time, thereby enhancing the teams’ and individual employees’ performance. However, researchers have revealed many myths most people think about when it comes to employee reviews.   

Negative Feedback Should Be Given In Between Positive Feedbacks:  This theory says that feedback should be started with the positive work done by the employees, then tell them what needs to be improved and end the process by appreciating them for what they are doing well. But this doesn’t seem to be a great tactic as according to researchers, employees remember only the positive things and pay as little attention as possible to negative but constructive comments.

Managers Should Talk, and Employees Should Listen: Most people think a manager is the only person who should talk during employee reviews. But they are most assuredly wrong. Let employees speak their mind early & often during the feedback process.

Employees Don’t Care: There is a misconception that most people do not want to receive feedback about their work. But in reality, it isn’t that simple. People do want to receive feedback, as long as it is constructive and suggests ideas for an improvement in performance.

Help your company get stronger by having an employee feedback app. The app includes features like comprehensive reporting that can be delivered in real time, which is making it an indispensable tool. Want to make a difference? Contact us to take that big next step in employee feedback.


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