Best Practices in Understanding Your Employees

November 3, 2017

Much like when interacting with customers or clients with feedback, your employees can withhold useful feedback, particularly if it might be considered too strong or potentially upset the company. Cultivating an office culture of openness and accountability is important if you want to get useful feedback from your employees. But how do you do it?

In many cases, the process of collecting feedback can be intimidating to employees, especially new ones that are more likely to clash with the dominant culture of the office. Those more used to a relaxed office atmosphere will find it hard to talk about the issues they have with their employers, especially if there’s no guarantee of anonymity. A good way to avoid this problem is setting up an anonymous voting box, listed with suggestions that can be written on a computer, to avoid identifying characteristics like handwriting style. While it is a pretty low-tech solution, it will allow your employees to feel secure when presenting feedback.

Another solution is a Feedback App, installed on work phones or desktop computers that allows for a truly anonymised process when sending feedback. This is more suitable for a company with a tech-friendly attitude and a younger workforce, as they’re more attuned to smartphones and apps than older employees, who may struggle with using the app. There are still flaws with this system: a badly-designed feedback app can leave clues as to who sent what, and voting boxes can be tampered with, but the key to this is letting your employees fell that they can be more open and honest about their feedback.

With a proper practice for feedback collection, you’ll find that your employees care far more about the prosperity of their company when they know they have a voice and influence. At Soft Intelligence, we are passionate about gathering customer feedback and soft intelligence from your employees, clients and customers, transforming it into straightforward and accurate data that turns the hassle of feedback processing into a breeze. Take a look at mobile apps (Tell SID) and see if your company would benefit from them.

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