The Best Methods For Gathering Customer Feedback

December 4, 2017

Feedback gathering, as we all know by now, is essential to understanding the wants and needs of your customers. Companies need feedback to understand their core demographics, improve their products and services, introduce new products or services to fill a previously-unnoticed niche, among other aspects. But sometimes, it seems that your customers aren’t willing or able to give good, actionable feedback. In many cases, it’s because you’re using inefficient methods to gather this information.

One of the key aspects of gathering feedback is making sure you know what feedback you want. Let’s say you want to improve your customer support service. Asking your customers about their experiences with your customer support staff and systems, as well as a quick survey after completing a web support ticket. Sending vague, unfocused surveys to customers only indicates to them that you haven’t put much thought into it.

As for the best means of getting feedback, surveys sent by email, customer contact forms and surveys on your website, and social media engagement with customers via polls and conversations with customers produces the best results. Generally speaking, the shorter and more focused your survey is, the more likely customers will engage with it.

One of the things that constantly holds feedback gathering back is the perception that companies don’t care about feedback. Many customers around the world tend to see the boilerplate responses to feedback they took time out of their day to fill in and think that your business isn’t really interested in their feedback. The speed of responses are also a major factor – it’s disheartening for a customer to get a belated reply to what they wrote days ago, especially if it’s just an automated response.

So, what can you do to help this? For emails and social media posts, it’s quite easy to send a personalised message to customers about their query or complaint, and in most cases, that’s all a customer needs to know that you’re taking their feedback seriously. It may be more effort than sending a basic email, but these basic emails are the reason customers don’t want to deliver feedback, so getting it right by engaging with them and following up in a reasonable time can result in a loyal customer base.

At Soft Intelligence, we are passionate about gathering customer feedback and soft intelligence from your clients and customers, transforming it into straightforward and accurate data that turns the hassle of feedback processing into a breeze. Take a look at our consumer mobile apps (Tell SID) and see if your company would benefit from them.

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