Are Surveys Actually Useful?

July 12, 2018

We see them all the time, and for many customers and client the sight of a survey fills them with dread. Not because they’re difficult, but because they think that surveys won’t change anything, or they’re already satisfied with the service or product they received, so why fill out a survey?

The truth is a bit more complicated than that. Surveys, when designed well and able to accommodate for a wide variety of viewpoints, can be the vital clue you need to shake up your company and vastly improve the services and products you offer.

Surveys come in all shapes and sizes nowadays; from paper to the internet, surveys can be used to reach any demographic. Older demographics may not have easy access to the Internet, for example, so paper surveys can be used to reach them. Likewise, many young people are glued to their phones or browsing the net, so reaching them with online surveys or app-based surveys can work wonders.

What Makes Surveys Work?

The problem with surveys isn’t that people don’t want to fill them in: the problem is that surveys are usually poorly written. Many surveys are worded in such a way that only one answer makes sense. This is usually unconscious bias from the survey writer, but the end result is a survey that simply confirms their bias.

The survey should focus on the questions that will actually affect your business: are your customers leaving your business to work with an unknown competitor? Is your company unveiling an untested product to the general public? Do you want to gauge how useful your support team are? A survey is ideal for this, provided it’s worded correctly.

Surveys are difficult to nail down, and can reveal some uncomfortable truths about your company. Nevertheless, it’s better to know about these uncomfortable truths, and be able to act on them, instead of making massive decisions while blind to changes within, or without, your company.

At Soft Intelligence, we are passionate about gathering customer feedback and soft intelligence from your employees, clients and customers, transforming it into straightforward and accurate data that turns the hassle of feedback processing into a breeze.

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