Why Apps Are the New Face of Company Feedback

March 10, 2017

We all know how important feedback is, but it can be difficult to get a hold of. It can be expensive to gather, and customers or employees may lie on or simply ignore the surveys or questionnaires you give them. However, there are alternatives thanks to the big advances in mobile technology in the last decade.

In our pockets, we carry a device with the same computing power that NASA used to land on the moon. We can do almost anything on our phones these days, so it only makes sense to develop an app for customer or employee feedback.

There are a number of ‘feedback apps’ that allows the user to submit feedback rapidly over the internet, in a timely and convenient manner for them. Some apps allow the user to add a photo or location to the feedback form to make it even easier to address problems or complaints.

So Why Should You Use a Feedback App?

It’s cheap

Most feedback apps are considerably cheaper than surveys and questionnaires, they take less time to produce results and there’s less of a risk of getting redundant, useless or vague data, which means spending less money drafting another survey or questionnaire.

It’s quick

Customer or employer feedback can go from their phone to your company, or a feedback company working on your behalf in less than 5 seconds. This feedback can then be assessed and collated into something that makes sense to you.

It’s a powerful marketing tool

Using an App to collect customer or employer feedback instead of bothering them with endless surveys or dull questionnaires shows that you have the best, most efficient way to collect feedback and show customers how dedicated you are to providing good service.

It’s accurate

Many feedback apps will allow you to send your data to a third party, which means employees won’t give biased reports because they know their superiors aren’t directly handling the data since they can afford to be honest.

It’s convenient for them and you

As mentioned earlier, feedback apps make a mockery of older feedback methods. A complaint or compliment can go from a phone to relevant organisations in 5 seconds or less, eliminating the need to post or hand a survey or questionnaire back. All of this is then sent to relevant parties, who can organise and make sense of the anonymous data sent to them.

Nearly everybody has a phone these days, and nobody wants to fill out a survey when they’re just buying groceries or browsing. Spending two minutes to deliver positive or negative feedback via Apps makes a lot more sense, especially when you can back it up with location data or photos. The future for feedback gathering is Apps, and the future is now.

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