Home Sweet Home – Office Design Dos and Don’ts

June 29, 2018

Like any place you have to stay in regularly, furniture needs to be well-organised around the room with accommodations made for the user, and offices are no different. This is where office design comes in. Many office workers have to work in offices that lack a cohesive, well-organised layout....

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Dealing with Burnout

June 22, 2018

It’s 10 minutes before your lunch break. You’re sat at your desk ‘working’, but you’re really just sat staring at the screen, waiting. Every new task fills your heart with dread, and you try to avoid talking to your coworkers or your boss in case they try to delegate...

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Maintaining a Work-Life Balance

June 15, 2018

Many of us in long-term employment have to deal with the stress and boredom that comes with it. Some of us manage to cope with a huge workload effortlessly, perhaps even reveling in it, and manage to find opportunities for quality time with friends and family outside of work,...

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The Pros And Cons of 360-Degree Feedback

June 7, 2018

When it comes to feedback, there’s varying degrees to which it can be performed. Many companies place a low emphasis on delivering feedback, and only delivers it during performance reviews; frequently too late to be acted on. Other companies adopt more thorough and consistent feedback processes, but may miss...

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