The Effect of a Feedback App on Your Employees

June 23, 2017

Sometimes it can be heard to gauge what your employees think about their job without out-and-out asking them. Most of your employees are probably content with their job, besides minor problems that don’t affect their morale, but there’ll always be an employee or two who manages to bring the...

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Collecting and Utilising Customer Testimonials

June 14, 2017

Getting a positive testimonial from a customer is a great feeling: knowing that your services have benefitted someone enough for them to give praise indicates that someone or something about your business is working, and working well. Unfortunately, workable testimonials tend to be difficult to get. Most customers aren’t...

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The Age Of The Feedback App

June 1, 2017

Customer feedback has always faced a dilemma when attempting to gather that information. When pressed into delivering feedback, a lot of customers will ignore the request because they have better things to do, even if they do have a genuine complaint they want to address. The days of delivering...

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