What Defines Good and Bad Customer Service?

May 24, 2017

When it comes to good customer service, what makes good customer service good varies between differing participants – those on the company side value quick and easy customer service, sometimes to the point where they rush the whole thing and create a bigger problem. On the other end of...

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Taking Positive Feedback and Building on It

May 19, 2017

Being complemented on your work or complementing other’s work can be a great feeling: knowing that you’ve done a great job and your fellow workmates appreciate it can do wonders for your confidence at work, which reinforces your ability to turn out even better work. However, you’ll notice that...

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How to Deal With (and Improve) Negative Feedback

May 5, 2017

Unfortunately, at some point in your professional career, you will receive negative feedback from a superior, fellow employee or customer. Nobody wants to receive negative feedback, as it can lead to a lot of self-doubt or resentment for the people that sent the feedback, even if the criticism is...

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