How should you ask Clients and Customers for Feedback?

November 20, 2017

Unless your company is massive, you’re probably going to be relying on a small set of clients that come back on a frequent basis. For obvious reasons, you want to keep these clients or customers satisfied with your products or services, so they’ll keep coming back and won’t seek...

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Hard Data & Soft Metrics: Where They Meet

November 14, 2017

Sometimes, getting objectively quantifiable data from your employees, clients or customers isn’t possible. There may be too many possible answers to honestly condense it into a Yes/No option. Within certain fields and organisations, you need a decisive Yes or No answer to a question which cannot be provided by...

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Best Practices in Understanding Your Employees

November 3, 2017

Much like when interacting with customers or clients with feedback, your employees can withhold useful feedback, particularly if it might be considered too strong or potentially upset the company. Cultivating an office culture of openness and accountability is important if you want to get useful feedback from your employees....

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Making use of Feedback Data in Working Organisations

October 27, 2017

A lot of companies have a habit of not taking negative or positive feedback about their organisation to its full advantage: inconvenient truths about the structure or culture of the workplace can get brushed under the carpet when it’s needed to keep the company’s employees happy and the customers...

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