App integrated ethical feedback services are an invaluable addition

Your current app will be fantastic and is already doing so much, however could it do more?

Apps create the perfect relationship between client/customer and service/product by offering a very unique and individual connection.

Subscribers of apps have already bought into a brand and maximising this by integrating a third party ethical feedback processor would only enhance that relationship.

Soft Intelligence, your ethical feedback partner, have created stock app code which, when integrated with a live app, will mean the full functionality of Soft Intelligence will be experienced by your audience adding to their experience.

With our integrated app service:

  • Customers will increase their trust in your service as you visibly display feedback is valued through contracting Soft Intelligence
  • Customers will feel listened to stopping unnecessary negative overspill into public domain
  • Data will be turned into valuable action triggers allowing your organisation to do amazing things

Buy Feedback App Integration £300/App

Our feedback app integrated code allows companies to link with customers/staff via curent mobile apps, and vica versa.

With over 60% of customers claiming to feel good about a company and themselves if a problem is solved or question answered without talking to a customer service agent (Aspect Consumer Index Survey 2016) it is clear consumers need alternative methods of contact.

Use our Customer/Staff Engagement App Service

-From as low as £300 for app integration

  • 24/7 processing/service team
  • Let you customers/staff say what they want when they want
  • Build dialogue and via mobile chat
  • Send push notifications to create instant awareness
  • Send snap polls

Buy Feedback App Integration £300/App

Our Feedback App Service Features

  • Stock App Feedback Module Design: All our apps are based on our publicly available “Tell Sid”
  • App Customisation: Colours and logos can be updated to blend with your app
  • Promotional Material: Material to raise awareness can be altered to fit your company brand
  • Back End Access: We provide a user console to process any service queries via the app module

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