Soft Intelligence Data Centre is a company dedicated to promoting, gathering, processing and facilitating feedback. The reason we are called Soft Intelligence Data Centre, is because Soft Intelligence is the most important type of feedback information available within an organisation and want to promote it as far as we can.

What is Soft Intelligence

At Soft Intelligence Data Centre the Soft Intelligence definition is “Soft Intelligence is all human emotional feedback, that is to say observations, thoughts, feelings, information of witnessed or heard events, or even hearsay. This list is not exhaustive”

Why use us:

  • Lower Costs: The costs are lower than any in-house service
  • High Data Validity: Respondents trust us and answer truthfully
  • High Data Quality: We have a trained team and advanced systems ensuring data is processed consistently and accurately.
  • Fast Delivery Time: The turn around times of all our services are minimal as we have everything ready to go
  • Friendly: We are a very friendly service
  • Experienced: We have broken down feedback within organisations with up to 10,000 staff.
  • Reporting positive: We understand the importance of recording information and we have no judgement on the information sent to us, in fact we love all of it!
  • Confidential: We ensure all data is anonymised before reporting back to organisations, ensuring total reporter confidence. In addition we ensure all our systems and processes are data protection compliant ensuring companies can rest assured when we process their data.
  • Positive experience: Our main importance is creating a friendly reporting service.